Monday, February 9, 2015

A Bit of a Delay: Nashville's Antique & Garden show

Have you ever had to sit on your photos because you just weren't sure how you felt about the event? I did with these photos from about a week ago... It's taken me that long to form a solid opinion of the Nashville Antique and Garden Show. I attended the event with Jake and my grandparents on Jan 31st and I have to say I don't think I'll buy a ticket to next year's event. 

I'm definitely a picker, or junker if you will... and this event is very much for Nashville's wealthy citizens who have several thousand to spend on, well, anything. There were many beautiful pieces for sale, but if you're looking for a bargain I'd skip out on the show.

Second, when something is billed as two things, in this case and antique and garden show, I expect both to be equally represented. The three garden designs that were presented were grand. The tribute to Oscar de la Renta pictured above was absolutely stunning. But the lack of gardening vendors represented at the show was kinda sad. 

All that being said, if there's nothing else interesting in town and you like looking at extravagantly priced antiques take a turn about the Antique and Garden show.

Now. Onto the photos!

Some of the vendors set up their space like a fancy room. I loved the wood panels. It was like stepping into a mini mansion.

Someday I will fill a room with leather bound books... someday...

Need some fitness inspiration? This little guy can help with that!

It's a 'living room.' I love a good garden pun :)

So how did I do? I hope I wasn't too harsh in my opinion of the show, but it was after all my opinion. I try to keep it real for y'all. Not every event will be a knock out, you know? What events have you been to that turned out to be a bit of a dud? Leave me something to think about in the comments. Another post will be along shortly ;-)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Decorating on a Shoestring Budget

 I had to get a little creative with my dining room artwork. A couple weeks ago I came across a fantastic book of Audubon prints in a used book shop. As I flipped through the book I thought "wow, these would look great on my wall." I had a large blank wall that was just asking for a photo gallery to fill it. Only problem was the prints are large, an odd size, and it would have cost a fortune to put a decent frame on the 12 images I wanted to use. 

After an hour of searching Pinterest I finally got around to searching the phrase "unique ways to display art." This is where I found the binder clip and push pin trick. With a little help from Jake we filled the blank space in no time. The hardest part was deciding which order to hang the prints in!

(Yep that's a patio table... still hunting for the perfect farm table...)

Book of Audubon prints .... $10.00
25 thumb tacks .... $3.00
50 silver binder clips .... $2.50
boyfriend's cooperation .... 1 cup of coffee

Total project cost? Under $15.00!!!!!

I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out. I'm toying with adding another row on the end, but I'll live with it for a little bit and decide on that later. :) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Escape to the Mountains {Part 1}

Last weekend Jake and I packed up the dogs and drove off to the Smokey Mountains for a much needed get-a-way.

My grandparents winter in Cosby, Tn every year and I love visiting them when I have a weekend free of plans. To me Cosby is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to visit the mountains. No offense to anyone who loves the tourist heavy Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, but those hot spots just aren't my cup of tea. When I'm in the mountains I want a cozy little cabin where I can escape and recharge for a bit. So do my grandparents... The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. haha

I love all the rustic little cabins that line the winding road where we stayed.

At the end of the road there's a large field and a fabulous view of some of the surrounding mountains. 

Grandma knows the way to a dogs heart is with long walks and the occasional table scrap. So we started the days with breakfast and then a walk down the mountain.

Someone was upset Jake wasn't holding her leash and could only be soothed by him picking her up and carrying her home. Spoiled? Nooooo not my dogs!

After lunch we packed up and drove around the mountains and occasionally stopped to do some antique shopping. Jake found a record to add to his collection and I found a vintage purse I plan to turn into a camera bag. 

When the sun started to set we'd head back to cabin and wait with rumbling tummies for Grandma to fix dinner. My Gram is the world's best cook. Seriously, I'd rather eat at her table than at a fancy resturant any night of the week. My dogs can back me up on this they were her kitchen helpers and food testers the whole time we were there... it is diet kibble for the next few months for those two...

After dinner we stayed up and talked until we all started nodding off on the couches, which is the international signal for "it's bed time." The next day we repeated the cycle over again and left after dinner. I'm already itching to go back. 

I hope you're all having a happy Wednesday, I have a couple more tidbits to share with you but those will keep until tomorrow. Right now it's time to get dinner in the oven. Xo

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Minute Shopping and Cheese Burgers

My favorite bar in the Hillsboro neighborhood is the Belcourt Taps. It also happens to be steps away from one of my favorite shopping spots.

We stopped in for a burger a day or two before Christmas and I keep forgetting to share the photos with you all! Shame on me!! Now... on to the food stuffs.

Nashville has a knack for turning older homes in the city into bars and restaurants. Belcourt Taps is a bit drafty near the single pane windows, but the cozy yellow walls and eclectic decor give it a cozy feel that warms you with its good vibes... or maybe that was the beer.

We ordered our beers and burgers, barely managing to snap a quick photo before inhaling what was set before us. I had their hangover burger. I wasn't hungover but it was still amazeballs. Whoever the first person was to put an egg on a burger deserves a gold star on their smarty pants chart. 

After we were done chowing down we hit the shops on 21st Ave South for a little Christmas time window shopping. 

The shop windows were all beautifully decorated for the holidays. This part of Nashville is great for a quick shopping trip or a several hour long snoop. The shops have everything from the perfect dress that'll wow on New Years Eve to weird little knick knacks to give your crazy Aunt Linda at the family gift exchange.

There's a wonderful little book shop that sells new and used books at fantastic prices. If you're a book person like me you'll want to have a snoop around Book Man Book Woman while you're in town.

Jake totally busted sniffing the books... 

I love the smell of books. I think all bookworms do. If knowledge had a sent it would be that of a dusty book store. If they every bottle it I want a lifetime supply! 

They also have shelves of the most lovely leather bound books. Someday I'll have shelves and shelves of leather bound books on my bookshelf, and this is where I'll buy them. I did my best to find a leather bound copy of Fahrenheit 451, Jake's favorite book, but alas it was not in the cards for this Christmas!

After the book sniffing we popped into Pangea a few doors over to pick up some last minute gifts and a few more to tuck away till next year. 

If you're looking for an eclectic spot with a gift for everyone on your list this is the shop for you. 

Their clothing selection speaks to my inner bohemian who just wants to wear all the dresses and dance at all the music festivals... 

Who has a munchkin I can gift these to? They're too cute not to buy!!

Whoops, forgot I'm not supposed to be shopping for myself... but it's SO SOFT! haha

I had to be talked out of taking half of these pillows home. I'd nestle the Beatles pillow and one of the cat pillows together on the sofa. I can't have a cat so a pillow seems like a pretty good alternative. 

Where are the best gift shopping spots in your town? I'll have another post for y'all later in the week. We vacationed in the Smokey Mountains over the weekend and it was pure magic! But more on that later loves! xo

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